Resources and Links

Resources and Links

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Here is a list of sites and articles concerned with the history and themes of Mothers Swam. Please feel free to suggest any helpful links for the page.

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Comfort Women

Korean Comfort Women Testimonies (uploaded to source site, April 2013)

Life as a “comfort woman”: Survivors remember a WWII atrocity that was ignored for decades. (29th Dec 2015)

South Korean Parliament passes bill for day to commemorate sexual slavery victims – Yonhap News (27th Sep 2017)

Comfort women controversy – Historical facts disputed and argued by Japanese Professor, Nishioka Tsutomu; ‘How Lies Became Truth’ (2007)

Why is the plight of ‘comfort women’ still so controversial? – New York Times (14th Aug 2017)

The 2015 agreement between Korea and Japan on ‘Comfort Women’ again under discussion (26th Dec 2017)

The Brutal History of Japan’s Comfort Women (20th Feb 2018)

South Korean and Japanese leaders clash over comfort women at U.N. (27th Sep 2018)

South Koreans take to the streets to pay respects to ‘comfort women’ activist Kim Bok-dong (2nd Feb, 2019)

Inconsistencies in the Korean Comfort Women narrative (7th March 2019)

Korea – Japanese Occupation

‘The Battleship Island’  – Korean Survivors Story – Yonhap News  (27th Jul 2017)

Japan downgrades South Korea (28th Aug 2019)

The Japanese Rising Sun flag at the Olympics (11th Sep 2019)

South Korea trade war with Japan (18th Sep 2019)

World War II and Korean War

Information about the Chindits

Site about the Chindit Operation Longcloth

The Burma Star Association

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ Museum

Detailed accounts of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ campaigns

South Korea – North Korea

North and South Korea Share Historic Handshake at Olympics (9th Feb 2018)

First Lady of North Korea, Ri Sol Ju (16th Apr 2018) 

Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in cross border between North and South Korea (27th Apr 2018)

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un executes envoy for Hanoi summit with Trump amid purge of officials (31st May 2019)